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Double Flow System
Exclusive to Dave Ross Equipment, this is the UK’s best selling continuous grain drier in Alberta, Canada, US.
Models from 24t/hr DF22000 to 53t/hr DF48000 are available for on farm use or commercial use.
Grain Dryer in action:

How it works:
  • Unbeatable Performance. Even at low temperatures (malt, seed etc.) thanks to boosted air flow.
  • Precise and Consistent Drying – Mechanical flow avoids bridging plus full inversion of bed.
  • Uniquely Versatile – Handles any granular crop in any condition – no need for pre-cleaning.
  • Highly Fuel Efficient – Total recovery of waste heat from cooling section.
  • No Downtime Between Crops – Instant, electronically controlled follow-on without emptying/refilling.
  • Step-less Auto Speed Control – Instance response for optimum accuracy.
  • Low Fire Risk – Trapping of trash avoided and full accessibility to all compartments.
  • Minimal Environmental Impact – Low profile, low noise, dust controlled.
  • Dependability – Backed by one year warranty.
  • Built to Last – Proven longevity enhanced by new treatment/finish.

Please click here to download the Grain Dryer information PDF or Much More Info

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